Ting Tong act..??

Salam, well it’s kinda pop out of my mind to write something about that we less concern in our act. Hmm, let us starts with a question. Do you know that we were teach to value others as much you value yourself? You would want to ask, value? Which angle are we talking about? Some would think it’s certain to particular thing, person or people. The scenario is when you saw a poor old man’s home was been taken by force, a mosque was been demolish or destroy, a father was been taken for the crime that he didn’t do and many more example that I can’t bare to write.

Value means to think somebody or something very important. Normally if you have a very important thing that you love madly you would fight for it in anyway. In my case, my treasure is Islam and all that is been teach to us all muslim by our prophet (PBUH). Well in Islam there’s a say from the prophet (PBUH) which means “to give to ur brothers what you cherish/love”. It means to share and to love your siblings (blood or not, coz all muslims are brothers and sisters) and to be equal to all friend or foe. This is the universal about Islam, and as long as it don’t go beyond in syara’.

But what happen now is when some people when they saw your brothers/sisters are fighting for their right, they don’t support them like they should but worse they says harsh word as it’s an idiotic, stupidity, selfish act and many other. I wouldn’t blame them who don’t know how our world is used to been and how it has been right now, please learn from our sirah(Islamic history). Learn before you talk, think before you talk.

Last before I end my writing, I want to ask politely for us to have/feel respect for others..

من حسن المراء أن تترك مما لا يعنى

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